• Morishita Consultants(25years Brightcareer ) can help you,if your company is trying to achieve those goals through restructuring,downsizing,and /or re-engineering.

Morishita Consultants can help you achieve your goals while you fulfill your corporate
Respon sibilities,motivate and increase the marale of individuals and terms duaring times of change,and release employees with dignity.

  • Safeplacement,Morishita Consultants ‘s initiative to upgrade the outplacement services born in the USA to better-fit Japanese mentality and labour market enables organizations and individuals to change smoothly from how they are to,how they want to be in a highly efficient manner.


  • Morishita Consultants is a pioneer and a forerunner in the human resorce management industry in Japan with over 25 years of experience in re-employment support. Brightcareer and Morishita Consultants are proud of our record of successfully supporting 10,000 individuals and 600 client companies to date,and we guarantee strict confidentialty and customer satisfaction.


Advantages of SafePlacement

  • For Company

*Efficient and amicable solution for organization restructuring
*Encouragement for employees to apply for the Early Retirement Program
*Continued loyalyalty and trust from the remaining employees
2. For Individuals
* Resilience of career pursuit through mental support by professional consultants
*Successful career transition based on objective assessment of professional capabilities
*Access to a wide variety of job and position information
*Job search process with a minimum of stress, working with a ceam of competent consultants and post researchers

  What are covered in Safe Placement Program?

  • Corporate Consulting:
  • Understanding the background & purpose of restructuring
  • Proposal for the restructuring implementation plan & Early Retirement Program(ERP)
  • Seminar for management How to conduct interview with employees
  • Announcement & Explanation of ERP
  • Progress review meeting with the company


  • Individual/Team Consulting:

*Advices to employees for their decision-making
*Counseling on:
Stress management and mental care
Counseling for Pension, Employment Insurance and Income Tax
Life Design
Assessment of vocational aptitude and determination of career transitionbased on Market Values
Study of Labor Market

*How to develop attractive Resume
*Preparation for interviewing
*Job Search
*Advice on making decision of  job acceptance
*Follow Up
*Consultation on any related subjects

  • Small University

*We conduct various seminars and workshop for individuals and group.
Such as financial planning, IT related skills, assessment of EQ,aptitudes and competency etc.

  • Career Transition Center (CTC)
  • We are able to offer CTC tailored to fit each client company who plan to achieve downsizing in local areas.CTC will assist candidates in their career transition activities in various way.


We are committed to:

Respect for Individuals

Strict Confidentiality

Fairness and Loyalty to both clients and candidates

Conducting our activities in the public interest


Professional  Associations:
ICP (International Association of Career Management Professionals)
CPI (Career Partner International)
Fellow Practitioner(License of  IMCC)


For further Information: Please Contact

Morishita Consultants Inc.  President:Kazu Morishita
166-0012 The Parkhouse Suginami Wada,1-19-13-110 wada Suginami-ku Tokyo Japan.
Phone:81-3-6765-1110  Fax:81-3-6765-1110

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